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The Pros and Cons of Caffeine: Let’s settle this once and for all.

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An acquaintance of mine yesterday asked me how she can get a better night’s sleep.  She looked like she had lost some weight since I first met her several months ago which is not good because she was already thin.  I assumed it was due to stress since she just completed her Ph.D.  I informed her about my Model-Fit blog entry about the importance of sleep, and encouraged her to read it.  A big sleep robber is stress.  In this particular instance we have an academic who pursued a high degree.  I told her that many academics have sleep issues because they don’t know how to quiet and shut off their mind from the day.  I understand this  through firsthand experience as an undergrad and grad student.  The mind is a machine designed to solve problems, but each person needs to learn where the “off” button is so it can let both itself and the body rest.  I explained that she needs to figure out how to turn the mind off before bed.  There are many ways to do this, but I suggested meditation and putting a notepad next to her bed in case she gets an answer or idea during the middle of the night.  With a pen and notepad near the bed she can quickly and easily jot down her ideas and get back to sleep without worrying about losing her ideas or any more sleep.  I also recommended balance in diet and exercise, to eat when she is hungry, listen to her body and work out 3-4 times a week.

Besides learning to turn off the mind from the stresses of the day, another big sleep robber is a legal drug called caffeine.  Yes, caffeine is a drug, and has most consumers plagued with sleep issues.  It is consumed mostly in coffee and tea but is also found in chocolate (more in dark than in milk chocolate), many energy drinks and dietary supplements.  The aforementioned acquaintance of mine told me that she has some dark chocolate every night before she goes to bed.  I informed her that dark chocolate can have as much as 35 mg caffeine/ounce which is about the same as a cup of green tea.  To ingest this much caffeine right before going to bed is unwise unless of course you have a high caffeine tolernance.  She was unaware of this so I told her to try not ingesting any caffeinated product after 4pm and no dark chocolate before bed, and see if her sleep improves.  I am going to follow up with her on this because I think this may do the trick for her.  Turning off the mind can be difficult, but it is even MORE difficult if you throw caffeine into the mix regardless of whether you consume it regularly or not, and on top of that it is even MORE difficult if you have a sensitivity to caffeine (ie you are already a somewhat anxious person).  This is because caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant so as a drug it is designed to keep you awake.  So it is counter intuitive to think that you will sleep well when you are consuming products (especially right before bed) that contain a chemical designed to keep you awake.

I tried a little experiment with myself recently.  I cut out caffeine entirely from my diet which for me was a simple matter of switching from green tea to peppermint tea (a non-caffeinated tea).  I noticed withdrawl symptoms that lasted for about a week; irritability due mostly to mental and physical fatigue, mild depression, and I had a harder time waking up in the morning, but I had no issues getting to bed.  In fact, I felt tired and sluggish due to the fatigue from the withdrawl.  However, after getting through the withdrawl, these past two weeks have been great.  I feel as though I’ve slept better, and I have felt great.  I have felt natural and normal without caffeine.  Less jittery and drained.  This is due to quality sleep.  I tried one cup of green tea yesterday morning before hitting the gym, but unfortunately the gym was closed so I didn’t get a weighted workout in yesterday.  And, because of this, I slept poorly last night.  I will try once more to have a cup of green tea and make sure to get a weighted workout in afterward and see if that still affects my sleep.  But, I feel as though caffeine causes a disturbance in sleep which makes you feel as though you need more caffeine to feel awake.  It is a cycle of abuse.  Especially for those with a low tolerance for caffeine.  The only way out is to get through the caffeine withdrawl which will lead to getting quality sleep.  Try the decaffeinated counterparts of the caffeinated products you enjoy.

I’m going to update this blog when I try one last cup of green tea before a hard weighted workout to see if it was just the fact that I wasn’t able to get in a weighted workout yesterday yet had a cup of green tea which is why I slept poorly or if drinking green tea alone even if I have a hard workout is leading to poor sleep.  A poor night’s sleep is the worst.  You feel terrible the next day.  So it always pays to learn what helps you get the best sleep possible.

UPDATE: So I did a hard weighted workout on a cup of green tea and slept fine that night.  So if you have a cup of green or other caffeinated supplement before a hard workout then it will give your workout an edge from the CNS stimulation.  Sometimes the edge is more noticeable than other times in my experience.  But, if you have a low tolerance to caffeine then unless you are using it to stay awake or to do a hard workout it may affect your ability to get a good night’s rest.  But, if you have a high caffeine tolerance and your sleep is fine whether you take it or not then more power to you.

So to take caffeine or not to take caffeine.  It really comes down to your caffeine tolerance and/or what you are using if for.  If you have unrestful sleep and you take caffeinated products then it may do you some good to restrict your caffeine intake to certain situations as depicted in the caffeine pros list below.

Caffeine Pros:  Wakes you up when you are tired yet you NEED to stay awake.  Also, gives a little edge to your workout.  I can think of three situations where you want to sleep, but you NEED to stay up:  work, studying and long distance driving.  In these situations, a little caffeine can be very beneficial to keep the mind awake and receptive to stimuli for maximum performance.  And, although it may help to push harder during a workout, it may be counterproductive if it a interferes with a good night’s sleep and thus causes your body to breakdown (quality sleep happens to be the best workout supplement…nothing helps your workout more than being fully rested).  But, if you are able to take it before a hard workout, and it gives you an edge in the workout without affecting your sleep then it is clearly useful to help ramp up your workout.

Caffeine Cons:  If you don’t truly NEED to stay awake or will not work out after consumption then there is really no reason to consume products that contain caffeine.  For instance, if you are already feeling awake or you had a good night’s rest then there is absolutely no NEED for caffeine.  If you enjoy the taste of certain caffeinated products, there are usually decaffeinated versions of the same products.  Be mindful to choose the sugar free versions as well as the regular versions are usually loaded with high fructose sugar which just gets stored as fat.

In sum:  It is a draw.  Caffeine when used for its sole purpose which is to keep you awake, is a very useful drug.  It’s also beneficial before a tough workout either weightlifting or hard cardio (on an empty stomach to burn more fat) because it wakes up your CNS.  However, if you don’t NEED to use it to stay awake or train, it can be harmful by interfering with a good night’s sleep by not allowing your mind to shut off.  And, a poor night’s sleep leads to a wasted next day.   Stay away from products that contain caffeine unless you NEED to stay awake (you will stay awake just fine with solid and consistent sleep) or you know that for certain you will have a hard workout after you take a caffeinated supplement (tea, coffee, caffeine pills etc, basically anything containing the chemical).  These apply especially if you have a low caffeine tolerance.  Some people have a high caffeine tolerance and seem to sleep well regardless of how many caffeinated drinks consumed and if you fall into this category then more power to you.  But, if you are having trouble sleeping, maybe the first thing you should look at is how much caffeine you are consuming and try following these “when to use caffeine” guidelines and see if that helps you get quality sleep.  Bottom line, a caffeinated supplement before a hard training session is fine (for me that’s a soothing cup of green tea).  Or some caffeine when I NEED to stay awake is acceptable as well.  Caffeine consumption at times other than the scenarios mentioned here (for hard training and for times when you NEED to stay awake) can rob you of sleep if you have a low to normal caffeine tolerance so be careful and make wise caffeine decisions.  There’s nothing worse than a poor night’s sleep.


A Big-Time Money Saving Tip

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ALWAYS PRICE MATCH WHEN YOU BUY ANYTHING AT THE VITAMIN SHOPPE.  If you read the Model-Fit Blueprint, you know I’m not big on supplements (at all), but I do take an organic multivitamin “Alive” which I get at the Vitamin Shoppe (and I also drink a cup of green tea (which contains caffeine and anti-oxidants) on the day of a hard weighted workout or a hard cardio).  The online price is way cheaper than what the store price is, and they will give you the online price if you ask them to price match.

With all that money you now know how to save at the Vitamin Shoppe, do yourself a favor and put it toward Model-Fit, the ONLY diet and fitness Blueprint you will need for the rest of your life to find that sixpack and be in the best shape of your life in the least amount of time realistically possible.  What are you waiting for?  Do yourself a favor and Get Model-Fit!

The importance of sleep to overall health and training

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I saw this article on, and I wanted to share it.  The importance of sleep. This article is definitely Model-Fit approved, and in fact I have a section in the Blueprint devoted to this crucial topic.  If you are not a great sleeper then you need to find a way to get there.  It is the number one predictor of longevity even moreso than diet and exercise. 6-8 hours a night is recommended.

Let me share a quick story about how poor sleep and sleep deprivation has affected me personally.

I started having sleeping issues when I was 17.  It started b/c my older brother was training me for football, and he stressed the importance of sleep to getting big and muscular which caused me to obsess over getting quality sleep and b/c of that I couldn’t sleep!  It’s counter intuitive to not get good sleep b/c you are obsessing about getting good sleep, but I just remember that as being the first time I started having sleeping issues, and I remember being in a bad mood when I got poor sleep, and it affected me physically (fatigued and not as strong during the workout) and mentally (poor concentration and attention deficit).  And, I was only 17.  I pray every night to have as good a night’s sleep as possible b/c I feel awful when I don’t.  But, the fact that I follow the Model-Fit diet and exercise program helps a lot even if my sleep is not great.

Sleep is important, and if you have issues with this aspect of your life, it’s up to you to figure out how best let it happen.  I say “let” it happen as opposed to “make” it happen b/c you can’t “make” sleep happen.  It is a passive activity.  It is the opposite of action.  I’ve learned to try my best to just turn off my mind.  Sometimes I still have a hard time with this, but if you can sleep well, you will feel better.  Proper diet and exercise will help you get to sleep which is where Model-Fit comes in, and take some tips from the msn article.  They are also helpful.  But, it would behoove those with sleep issues to figure out what works best for them.  I don’t recommend “medication” ie “sleep pills”.  I tried lunesta once, and it did nothing.  You just need to find a way to turn off that mind from the toils of the day.

Consistent quality sleep also improves your physique for several reasons, but just know that the most important reason is that it allows you to train harder because your body is rested.  This of course leads to greater sculpting thus better results.  It is much more difficult to train on poor sleep because you are tired so your results are not as good.  But, the important thing is to give it your best and finish each workout no matter what and you will see results.  The ideal time for weight training is on when you have slept well consistently and have been eating well consistently.  If you are able to grasp quality sleep, quality workouts and quality food consistently you will have phenominal results.  But, if you fall short in one or more of these categories, it’s ok.  You will still see results, but you have to be consistent and go as hard as you can for each workout, make clean fuel selections and always, always, always finish the workout.  Even if you don’t feel like it.  Finish it.  The ability to finish is what creates champions.

Good luck and God Bless.

Coolsculpting to “remove fat”?

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I came across an article while quickly browsing through the newspaper the other morning.  Here is a link to the online article:

The article is about a now FDA approved medical procedure for “removing fat” called “coolsculpting” which according to the article is a “less traumatic option to remove unwanted bulges than liposuction.”  I thought this article was very interesting, and after reading it thought the procedure is clearly credible, but the question remains, “What’s going to help you KEEP the fat off once it’s off?”

I mean you’re looking at paying $850 every month or two for a procedure that can only “remove about 20 percent of the fat in the treated area.”  Why waste your time or money.  And, the best part of this article is the last line, “Results are permanent as long as weight is maintained.”  Seriously?  I mean the only reason anyone would use this procedure is because they DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN THEIR WEIGHT.  Model-Fit can give you this knowledge. The program can teach you how to melt away the fat naturally in a balanced way that you can sustain for life for a one time investment of $39.99!  Sounds like the better deal to me.

Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy knowledge or the courage and wisdom to live this knowledge.  And, it certainly can’t buy you a real sixpack.  You have to earn that through intelligence and dedication.  Model-Fit provides the Blueprint.  YOU provide the heart and drive.

Empowered Yourself with REAL Diet and Fitness Knowledge.  Get Model-Fit!

A clarifying text message dialogue

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I received a text from a friend of mine asking me about Model-Fit.  I wanted to share it because it helps explain the mission of Model-Fit.

(***)***-****: Why is it called model-fit? Is it to get you to look fit like a model or because the program is modeled to you specifically? 6:13 PM
Me: It’s b/c the program I designed is THE REAL MODEL, or blueprint of balanced fitness that anyone can do. Pretty much all you need to be fit n lean for life. That’s why the slogan is Balanced Fitness. A Lifetime of Results. 8:02 PM
Me: But, I’ve modeled for the past 12 years, so I can see how people would think that, but that’s just a coincidence. It takes more than looks to be lean at 33 & to design a program that can work for anyone. It takes education, will, intelligence, experience and the ability to put it all together and teach it in a way that is easy to understand. 8:06 PM
Me: & I think Model-Fit is a catchy, cool name. If you think of the name as scientific and practical it doesn’t seem superficial. It’s a blueprint, a model for everyone. People always ask me how I stay in shape so I decided to put together a program to teach others. 8:08 PM
Me: I only teach and train those who really want to get lean and strong. But, everything is in the PDF and DVD which is for sale on my website. Personal training is only for those who seriously want it. I don’t waste time with those who are not serious about getting fit because I enjoy seeing the results as much as they do. 8:12 PM
Me: But, I enjoy personal training & have a lot of fun doing it. I feel that I was put here to share this information with the world to make people’s lives more balanced and fitness more realistic, ubiquitous and attainable.  Bottom line: It’s the s**t. 8:13 PM
Me: A lot of people want a sixpack, and think they have to do crazy stuff to get it. It’s quite the opposite actually. You have to be balanced both in diet and exercise in to get a sixpack and once you learn this lifestyle, it’s SO EASY and FUN to maintain. Moderation is the key. Model-Fit is the Blueprint. Anyway bro, everything you need to know about it is on my website. Spread the word. 8:18 PM
(***)***-****: Dude, awesome. I like your drive. Will spread the word. 9:39 PM
Me: Great! Tell them about the website And, send those serious about getting lean and strong that feel they need personal training my way. I’m designing an interval cardio swimming pool workout for a client this morning. I can design workouts for anyone, anywhere looking to get lean in a way that is balanced, fun and non-injurious.  But, like I said, everything you need to be fit for life is in the Model-Fit Blueprint.  This is not something that you will find anywhere else.  8:41 AM

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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I thought this a fitting title for today’s blog entry.  I recently started playing golf again after a 5-6 year hiatus from the game.  I’d rather play full court basketball, but after blowing my knee out 2 years ago while merely jumping up for a rebound during a basketball game, I decided to hang up the sneaks for good.  ACL reconstructive surgery and 8 months of rehab tends to do that to people.  But, I’m still in great shape with Model-Fit which keeps me in peak physical condition at all times regardless of my previous injuries, and this is what I designed the program to do.  But, if you are lucky enough to be free from debilitating injuries, Model-Fit will help train you to have the lean physique and sixpack without injuring yourself.  And, you will be in peak physical condition for ANY sport you play without injuring yourself during the training.

I started playing golf when I was 10 years old.  I have played intermittently since then.  But, being that I no longer play basketball, soccer or any of those explosive sprinting/jumping sports to prevent any further injury, I decided to add golf to my active rest routine once or a week.  The best part about Model-Fit like I say above, is that it keeps you in shape for any sport you play so that as soon as you step onto the field or court, you already have an edge because you’re fit.  And, because Model-Fit is a lifestyle, you can keep this edge for life.  I’m hitting the ball farther and more accurate than I EVER have in my life, and that’s due to the fact that I have lived the Model-Fit Blueprint.   Model-Fit is Sports Comprehensive training.  The best part about this is that I have not had a gym membership for 3 months so I’ve only been doing the Bodyweight workout on my weighted workout days and on one of my rest days I will do some interval cardio. I combine that with the Model-Fit diet and that’s it.  It really IS THAT EASY to stay fit.  I’m almost apprehensive to do any of my other Model-Fit weight training workouts (ie the Model Fit Gold Workout & Ultimate Workout #1) because the Bodyweight workout is the most natural workout there is, and I feel that it is because that workout keeps my body in tune naturally that I am hitting the ball better than ever.  I used to lift weights before when I played golf, and I remember feeling tightness in my muscles that prevented me from swinging freely, smoothly and naturally.

Model-Fit will NOT get you BIG and strong.  It WILL get you LEAN and STRONG which is what most people are looking for.  I think most people prefer a nice, lean and strong, healthy, svelte physique with a six pack to the incredible hulk type of physique.  Model-Fit makes the physical things you do everyday much easier, and it makes your overall physical condition the best it’s ever been without hurting yourself in the process.  It is like the Zen of fitness.  It works with Nature and not against it.  It challenges but never destroys you.  It is like water.  It adapts to you not the other way around.  So check it out.  What are you waiting for?  $39.99 is a really small investment for a Blueprint that will change your life and get you in the best shape ever.

Find Your Fitness Balance.  Get Model-Fit!