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How to train through injury

November 8, 2011

It’s inevitable, right?  At some point we all get injured.  I was watching some college football highlights last night, and this college standout receiver tore his ACL doing a spin move to break away from a defender.  A season and sometimes career ending injury.  He’s only 20.  I partially tore mine at 20 as well as my meniscus and completely blew out my right ACL playing basketball at 31.  Not to mention what started for me as one lumbar disc herniation at the age of 17 has advanced to four at the age of 33.  Not cool.  And, it’s not my fault.  Genetics plays a big roll in many of our injuries/illnesses as we age.

So how do we fight this?



We cannot help aging.  But, we CAN fight it!

As we age or accrue injuries over time, THE KEY IS TO TAKE WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU STILL CAN DO 100%, AND DO THESE THINGS!

Just because one door closes, it’s up to you to open a window.

There is ONE LAW that governs efficient, result yielding fitness which is GO HARD OR GO HOME!

The only way you see results is by going 100% during your workout and eating smart both of which I teach in my program Model-Fit Hawaii.

If your regular workouts or sports are starting to injure you then you need to find alternative total body activities that you are still able to do 100% and do them 2-4 times/week.  That’s it.  It is that simple.  Let me give you an example from my life.

Basketball was my life as a kid.  As an adult, I got back into the game in my mid 20’s and loved it even more because it was such a fun way to stay fit.  I would sprint up and down the court like a wild animal on fast breaks or to get back on “D”.  I loved the defensive shuffle slide and I loved jumping.  Basketball is such a great game to keep you in shape.  You play hard, and move your body in ways that it wouldn’t move normally, you sprint, you jump, you play defense by squatting and sliding laterally and the adrenaline rush of competition makes you push yourself even harder without you really even knowing it.  I mean it has everything in it to keep you fit IF you choose to play hard AND IF YOU CAN PLAY HARD.

But, basketball, like any other exercise, will only yield results IF you can go 100%, that is IF you are able to jump as high as you can and sprint and shuffle as fast as you can ALL WITHOUT INJURY.  Walking and jogging up the court, semi-jumping and half-shuffling WILL NOT keep you fit.  If you can’t go 100% anymore in your sport due to debilitating injuries (usually back, shoulder, ankle, foot or knee), then to stay fit, it’s time to find alternative total-body exercises in which YOU CAN go 100%.

When I blew out my knee playing basketball about 2.5 years ago, the moment it happened, I knew that my playing days were over.  But, my fitness life will never be over until I leave this planet.  In fact, I probably may die working out, and that’s the way I’d wanna go anyway.  A fighter until the end.

I was a decent swimmer as a child, but at some point in my teens, I became afraid to freestyle w/ my head underwater.  It was only because of my back and subsequent knee issues that I had to force myself to swim since I was 17.  I was awful at first, but over time, I took an interest in swimming because when my back gets severe, swimming helps more than anything to naturally heal my back.  But, now I love it, and I look forward to pushing myself everytime I hit the water in the same way I would when I played a full court basketball game.  Likewise, in my weightlifting regimen, if I find that an exercise is causing disc herniation exacerbations and back spasms in my lower back, I adjust the exercise, do an alternative exercise or remove the exercise entirely from my routine.

It’s that simple.  When you’re back to 100% health, then see if you can do the exercise that previously injured you.  If you feel in your body that something is not right, STOP doing that exercise and find an alternative exercise or total body workout into which you can immerse your entire being.  Life is all about adjustment and adaptation.  It’s a basic biological rule of thumb:  Adapt or die.  Think about extinct species that didn’t survive because they weren’t able to adapt.  It’s the same with fitness.  Adapt your workout to your situation, but the one thing that is fixed is that whatever you choose to do, you need to diet appropriately and go 100% during the workout 2-4 times/week.  The Model-Fit Sixpack Blueprint© and Model-Fit DVD© contain all the information you need to internalize this knowledge and put it to work for yourself so you can see the lean/strong results you want in a balanced way that you can sustain.  It is my life’s work, and it can help you if you let it.  Aloha.


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