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Why you NEED Model-Fit

September 29, 2011

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Model-Fit Introduction Video

There are certain truths in diet and fitness which seem paradoxical and counter intuitive like the inverse relationship between workout time and results/motivation (ie, the MORE time you spend in the gym, the less motivated you are which decreases your results).  The other common paradox are the regular, everyday people that seem to eat a lot and spend little time in the gym or working out in general and somehow always seem to be sculpted and lean.

They have realized the connection that Quality will always beat out Quantity when it comes to fitness, and they work smarter AND super hard for the short times that they do work out.  It is called punctuated intensity.  And, the clean fuel you eat goes to rebuilding your muscles and burning fat.  The connection between a clean diet and punctuated intensity is critical to understand  to get and stay lean.  Diet and fitness go hand in hand in a feedback mechanism.  Ladies and gentlemen, these are the two keys 1) Quality is more important than Quantity and 2) Focused, Motivated and Safe, Total Body weighted workouts with 48-72 recovery time where the clean fuel you consume goes to burning fat by rebuilding muscle.  It’s called working Smart AND Hard during the short, focused, fun and motivated workouts.  Getting more done in less time by working intelligently.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET LEAN AND SCULPTED.  Stop being one of those people who works out aimlessly for long periods of time, makes poor or extreme diet selections and is upset when they don’t see any results.  Why waste your time?  If you’re gonna workout and eat you may as well learn how to get results that are awesome while having fun doing it and enjoying the food you eat.

Staying lean and sculpted as we age requires not only that we “just workout”, but if you want to take it to the next level and actually get lean, sculpted and strong then you have to know two things: 1) HOW to focus your workouts and 2) WHAT to eat to build muscle and burn fat.  The two go hand in hand if you want maximum results.  Listen.  I have designed 3 weighted workouts THAT WORK to get you lean and sculpted in the least amount of time realistically possible when combined with the Model-Fit Diet (which is only a “diet” in the sense that you eat food, not cut calories; in fact, you eat…A LOT, you just make clean, cost-effective, muscle building, fat-burning fuel selections that taste great).  You will find these workouts as well learn how to make clean, cost-effective diet selections with the diet and fitness education in the Model-Fit Sixpack Blueprint© and Model-Fit DVD© .  You’re going to workout and eat anyway.  Why not learn to efficiently use the time and food to get lean and sculpted rather than wasting it with crap food and boring workouts.  Let me show you how much fun and how easy it can be to get Model-Fit.

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