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“We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”

August 1, 2011

Model-Fit Introduction Video

“We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”  – Han, “Enter the Dragon” starring Bruce Lee.

I was doing the Model-Fit Ultimate Workout after training a client this morning when this quote crossed my mind.  “We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”  I’ve only seen “Enter the Dragon” twice, and I couldn’t tell you any other quote from the movie (besides of course “WASAHHHH!”, but that could be any Bruce Lee movie), but this quote always stuck with me, and it stuck with me for a reason.  IT IS TRUE.  And, not only that, it is motivational.  Hearing it or saying it just makes me want to sculpt my body and help others sculpt theirs.

I was doing research for a topic I will be soon blogging (the benefits of drinking low-fat vs skim milk) when I came across the website of a female personal trainer, Louise, who trains women to find their curves (  Just like I say any man or woman can find their abs, she says that any woman can find her curves (ie a booty to die for), and this is of course true.  But, browsing her website there was a theme to many of her answers to comments and that was “every one responds different to diet and exercise, but you can find YOUR best body (or in her case booty) depending on your dedication level to the diet and exercise.”

In other words, she is basically referring to what Han says in “Enter the Dragon”; “We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”  If you want that body and health, then you have to make it happen for yourself.  It IS easy to find your abs theoretically, sure it’s right there on paper, what to eat and what exercises to do, and Model-Fit makes it even easier with the balanced approach and exercises that do not injure.  But, the fire of your will is what will determine your results.  Low fire = low results.  Blazing fire = Blazing results.  When you are training, TRAIN HARD, when you are resting, REST and when you are eating, EAT CLEAN.  I have never met anyone who trains hard, rests and diets appropriately who doesn’t have great results.   You can have YOUR best natural body, and you will know it when you’re there.  It may look different from my body or someone else’s body, but it will be YOUR best fit body based on your genetics and the fire of your will to sculpt your body.  There are no quick fixes.  You need the “fire of your will” ie self-motivation to see results.  Model-Fit is the roadmap, but it is UP TO YOU to drive your car to the finish line.  “We forge our body in the fire of our will.”  Just saying that makes me want to throw some weight around!  Let Model-Fit set it up, and YOU knock it down.

And, speaking of motivation and being excited to workout, that’s how you should feel when it’s workout time, even if you’re tired, had a bad day whatever.  It all gets better when it’s go time because no matter what happens in your life, your workout is the one thing for which you can always find time and therefore the one thing you can always control (well, that and what you eat…so two things).  It’s like playtime for adults; the equivalent to recess and sandbox time as a child.  Remember how happy you were when the recess bell rang?  Odds are you were pumped because you could get out of the classroom and run around and play and move your body instead of sitting down in class.  You just wanted to get out of there and MOVE!  Just because we become adults, doesn’t mean playtime has to end!   Workout time is playtime!   YOUR TIME.  That’s why you loved recess so much…because it was YOUR TIME TO PLAY AND HAVE FUN AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.  This is how I feel when I workout, and that is how you should feel as well.  It’s YOUR TIME for results, and YOUR TIME to workout and sculpt YOUR body and listen to whatever music YOU want to MOTIVATE YOU or just let the thoughts in YOUR head MOTIVATE YOU.  YOUR TIME for peace.  YOUR  TIME to get out your aggression.  YOUR TIME to find balance, harmony and to rezero.

Don’t let the little warrior inside die.  If he/she’s asleep, wake him/her up and promise that you’ll never let him/her die.  And, if you fall off the boat from time to time, it’s ok.  Just get back on and forge your body in the fire of your will!  I’m so serious, once you start seeing and feeling results from the Model-Fit diet and workout, it becomes like a drug.  You become addicted to the endorphins not only from the workout, but from how you feel when you look in the mirror and see natural results that you are earning in a balanced and intelligent way with your intensity, dedication, will and smart, motivated, efficient work.  You can do it!  And, once you start, you will become addicted to the results that you won’t want to stop because you like what you see so much that you just want to keep it or improve.  When you are there you will know it.

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