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The importance of sleep to overall health and training

July 23, 2011

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I saw this article on, and I wanted to share it.  The importance of sleep. This article is definitely Model-Fit approved, and in fact I have a section in the Blueprint devoted to this crucial topic.  If you are not a great sleeper then you need to find a way to get there.  It is the number one predictor of longevity even moreso than diet and exercise. 6-8 hours a night is recommended.

Let me share a quick story about how poor sleep and sleep deprivation has affected me personally.

I started having sleeping issues when I was 17.  It started b/c my older brother was training me for football, and he stressed the importance of sleep to getting big and muscular which caused me to obsess over getting quality sleep and b/c of that I couldn’t sleep!  It’s counter intuitive to not get good sleep b/c you are obsessing about getting good sleep, but I just remember that as being the first time I started having sleeping issues, and I remember being in a bad mood when I got poor sleep, and it affected me physically (fatigued and not as strong during the workout) and mentally (poor concentration and attention deficit).  And, I was only 17.  I pray every night to have as good a night’s sleep as possible b/c I feel awful when I don’t.  But, the fact that I follow the Model-Fit diet and exercise program helps a lot even if my sleep is not great.

Sleep is important, and if you have issues with this aspect of your life, it’s up to you to figure out how best let it happen.  I say “let” it happen as opposed to “make” it happen b/c you can’t “make” sleep happen.  It is a passive activity.  It is the opposite of action.  I’ve learned to try my best to just turn off my mind.  Sometimes I still have a hard time with this, but if you can sleep well, you will feel better.  Proper diet and exercise will help you get to sleep which is where Model-Fit comes in, and take some tips from the msn article.  They are also helpful.  But, it would behoove those with sleep issues to figure out what works best for them.  I don’t recommend “medication” ie “sleep pills”.  I tried lunesta once, and it did nothing.  You just need to find a way to turn off that mind from the toils of the day.

Consistent quality sleep also improves your physique for several reasons, but just know that the most important reason is that it allows you to train harder because your body is rested.  This of course leads to greater sculpting thus better results.  It is much more difficult to train on poor sleep because you are tired so your results are not as good.  But, the important thing is to give it your best and finish each workout no matter what and you will see results.  The ideal time for weight training is on when you have slept well consistently and have been eating well consistently.  If you are able to grasp quality sleep, quality workouts and quality food consistently you will have phenominal results.  But, if you fall short in one or more of these categories, it’s ok.  You will still see results, but you have to be consistent and go as hard as you can for each workout, make clean fuel selections and always, always, always finish the workout.  Even if you don’t feel like it.  Finish it.  The ability to finish is what creates champions.

Good luck and God Bless.


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