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Coolsculpting to “remove fat”?

July 23, 2011

Model-Fit Introduction Video

I came across an article while quickly browsing through the newspaper the other morning.  Here is a link to the online article:

The article is about a now FDA approved medical procedure for “removing fat” called “coolsculpting” which according to the article is a “less traumatic option to remove unwanted bulges than liposuction.”  I thought this article was very interesting, and after reading it thought the procedure is clearly credible, but the question remains, “What’s going to help you KEEP the fat off once it’s off?”

I mean you’re looking at paying $850 every month or two for a procedure that can only “remove about 20 percent of the fat in the treated area.”  Why waste your time or money.  And, the best part of this article is the last line, “Results are permanent as long as weight is maintained.”  Seriously?  I mean the only reason anyone would use this procedure is because they DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN THEIR WEIGHT.  Model-Fit can give you this knowledge. The program can teach you how to melt away the fat naturally in a balanced way that you can sustain for life for a one time investment of $39.99!  Sounds like the better deal to me.

Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy knowledge or the courage and wisdom to live this knowledge.  And, it certainly can’t buy you a real sixpack.  You have to earn that through intelligence and dedication.  Model-Fit provides the Blueprint.  YOU provide the heart and drive.

Empowered Yourself with REAL Diet and Fitness Knowledge.  Get Model-Fit!


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