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A clarifying text message dialogue

July 23, 2011

Model-Fit Introduction Video

I received a text from a friend of mine asking me about Model-Fit.  I wanted to share it because it helps explain the mission of Model-Fit.

(***)***-****: Why is it called model-fit? Is it to get you to look fit like a model or because the program is modeled to you specifically? 6:13 PM
Me: It’s b/c the program I designed is THE REAL MODEL, or blueprint of balanced fitness that anyone can do. Pretty much all you need to be fit n lean for life. That’s why the slogan is Balanced Fitness. A Lifetime of Results. 8:02 PM
Me: But, I’ve modeled for the past 12 years, so I can see how people would think that, but that’s just a coincidence. It takes more than looks to be lean at 33 & to design a program that can work for anyone. It takes education, will, intelligence, experience and the ability to put it all together and teach it in a way that is easy to understand. 8:06 PM
Me: & I think Model-Fit is a catchy, cool name. If you think of the name as scientific and practical it doesn’t seem superficial. It’s a blueprint, a model for everyone. People always ask me how I stay in shape so I decided to put together a program to teach others. 8:08 PM
Me: I only teach and train those who really want to get lean and strong. But, everything is in the PDF and DVD which is for sale on my website. Personal training is only for those who seriously want it. I don’t waste time with those who are not serious about getting fit because I enjoy seeing the results as much as they do. 8:12 PM
Me: But, I enjoy personal training & have a lot of fun doing it. I feel that I was put here to share this information with the world to make people’s lives more balanced and fitness more realistic, ubiquitous and attainable.  Bottom line: It’s the s**t. 8:13 PM
Me: A lot of people want a sixpack, and think they have to do crazy stuff to get it. It’s quite the opposite actually. You have to be balanced both in diet and exercise in to get a sixpack and once you learn this lifestyle, it’s SO EASY and FUN to maintain. Moderation is the key. Model-Fit is the Blueprint. Anyway bro, everything you need to know about it is on my website. Spread the word. 8:18 PM
(***)***-****: Dude, awesome. I like your drive. Will spread the word. 9:39 PM
Me: Great! Tell them about the website And, send those serious about getting lean and strong that feel they need personal training my way. I’m designing an interval cardio swimming pool workout for a client this morning. I can design workouts for anyone, anywhere looking to get lean in a way that is balanced, fun and non-injurious.  But, like I said, everything you need to be fit for life is in the Model-Fit Blueprint.  This is not something that you will find anywhere else.  8:41 AM

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