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Welcome to Model-Fit Hawaii by Ikaika Kahoano

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Model-Fit Introduction Video

In just 40-60 minutes of workout time, twice a week, Model-Fit Hawaii will get you lean, strong and sculpted with sixpack abs when combined with the Model-Fit Diet.  In the Model-Fit Sixpack Blueprint© and Model-Fit DVD© I teach you safe and proven total body workouts as well as teach you how easy and cost-effective it is to make clean, nutritious fuel selections that power your workouts, build muscle and burn fat, naturally.  Welcome to Model-Fit Hawaii!


Music IS the Magic

Musiq Soulchild had his 2011 album release titled “Musiq in the Magiq”, that’s where I got the closely modified title for this blog. However, the album cover above is for his 2008 release entitled “On My Radio.”  After reading this blog it will make sense why I have “On My Radio” as the pic for this blog as opposed to the album cover after which the title of this blog is taken.

I wanted to write about this because music (not to mention the artist Musiq) is very dear to my heart.  It has gotten me through rough times, and has been there during the best times.  But, another great thing that people may not realize about music is that it can actually ramp up your workout…big time…if you can tap into the emotional aspect of your connection with the music.  It will many times provide an adrenaline rush due to an internal emotional resonance with the music which amplifies one’s workout.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

For about the past six months, I haven’t been running as fast as I would like.  I was trying my best, but for some reason my times weren’t what they were before knee surgery.  I’d run once maybe twice a week, but I just felt SLOW.  Like I had a block of lead in my ass.  I’ve never felt this way before.  I thought it was because I am more filled out now as compared to when I ran my personal best times.  But, this all changed this past week.

I decided to run my usual 2.75 mile route (which I try to do as fast as I can like 60% of a sprint the entire way) while using my mp3 player with these new earbuds (Skullcandy Riots) that actually fit in my ear not like the ones that come stock with an iPod that would ALWAYS fall out of my left ear ever since I was a kid.  Because I always had trouble wearing conventional earbuds I never ran with an mp3 player unless I used my over ear headphones, but they were heavy and cumbersome so I just sort of settled that I would never be able to run with an mp3 player which sucks because music helps tap into my emotions to provide an adrenaline rush which allows me to push harder than I think I am pushing thus run faster.  Anyway, I was always so envious of people who could wear those iPod earbuds while working out because I never could (or in any other situation for that matter…the left earbud was always highly uncomfortable and always fell out).

But, these new Skullcandy Riot earbuds are the type that come with different size earpieces so I can decide which one fits the most snugly in my ears.  It is a 100% improvement!  The left earbud now stays firmly and comfortably in my ear so I decided to put it to the test and run with them.

But, also, another reason I didn’t particularly like running with an mp3 player is because of the awkwardness of the headphone wires while I’m running.  I know this is where a stereo bluetooth headset and mp3 player would come in handy, but I don’t have them right now, and I’m not sure how good bluetooth stereo mp3s sound.  That would actually be the ultimate so I will start looking into that…running or working out with a bluetooth stereo headset.  I think Motorola makes a pretty nice one, but I’d also need an mp3 player that can use bluetooth, and use it well, because sound quality is number one even on a run.  So, anyhow, back to what I was saying.  I decided to just say screw it with the wires and just deal with the cumbersomeness of them on the run.

Here is where Musiq, the artist, enters the picture.  I’ve been listening to Musiq for about 6 years now, and I have all of his albums.  I just recently got his two latest albums, and I love them to death.  He just keeps getting better as a songwriter and vocalist, and I feel a real connection with his music.  So I was going to use this feeling on my run one cool morning about a week ago while listening to his album “On My Radio” because I felt this crazy emotional connection with several of the songs on that album which of course is good motivation for working out.

I started the run listening to kind of a mellow jam that really tapped into my emotions called “Deserve U More”.  Then another couple of his slower and midtempo jams came along and I felt great running and listening to them even though the tempo was slow, the connection with the music enhanced my run.  I already felt the emotional resonance with the music helping me run faster.  So I continued to run until the album title song “On My Radio” came on.  I found that my body did something very interesting, and it just did it natually.  IT STARTED TO NATURALLY RUN TO THE BEAT OF THE SONG.  This was something that amazed me.  I felt almost as though I was dancing rather than running because every step was in the cadence of the beat.  It was awesome.  It was like my body complete synergized with the cadence of the song.  And, this was a faster than what my pace has been in the last 6 months, yet felt natural and comfortable.  I no longer was concentrating on steps as I did without music.  I was just running to the beat which almost made me forget that I was running.  It felt more like dancing to cadence.  It felt free.

After this song was over, another slower jam came on, and kind of killed my pace.  So as I was running I thought to myself, “Hmmm, I know that I intended to run to these slower jams b/c of the connection, but what if there’s a song on this album that I not gets me emotions going because of the musical composition and/or lyrics AND has a dance beat that I can stay in step with while I run so I feel how I felt with “On My Radio” but even a little faster pace.  And, sure enough, I hit the forward search a couple times and this song, “Money Right” started playing.  My body immediately fell in cadence with the beat.  I had found my song, and stayed with that cadence for the last 3/4 mile and sprinted the finish.

When I looked at my watch, turns out it was the fasted time I had run that route in the last 6 months by 30 seconds!  So I thought to myself, “Hmmm, that song “Money Right” may be the song that will keep me on pace throughout the entire run to really lower my time.”  I decided that the next time I ran, I would only listen to that song the entire way.

So about 4 days later, it was time for a run.  I didn’t have my mp3 player, unfortunately, but that song cadence for “Money Right” was totally stuck in my head.  So it was a dual experiment.  I was going to run the entire 2.75 miles to that song, but it would be PLAYING IN MY HEAD without an mp3 player.  Well, long story short, it worked even though I didn’t have the earbuds.  I shaved another 30 seconds of the time from the other day to have the best time I’ve had on that route since before I had knee surgery.  I just have another 25 seconds to shave off to beat my personal best on that route.  I think I can do it if I actually bring the mp3 player next time which I intend to do so we’ll see.  As I was running that day to the beat of the song in my head, it’s like I can’t help but be a slave to the beat, and that is good for me because as you can see, it just really improved my time.  I remember running like this the other day, and even if I wanted to slow down, I just couldn’t.  It felt like I was not only dancing, but challenging myself to stay with the beat.  I wasn’t going to fall off the beat.  Not even for one beat.  It was like I was hunting the beat down.  It felt like dancing and every step I took I was that much closer to catching the beat.  It was awesome.

So that’s why I say that Music is the Magic (and in this case, the artist Musiq is for me).  I mean, I was just a slave to the beat of that song, and IT WAS IN MY HEAD THE ENTIRE RUN.  Man, I can’t wait to do damage when I’m actually staying with the beat with the song actually playing through my mp3 player on the run.  I couldn’t stop.  Not even if I wanted to because I just didn’t want to lost the beat, and this in turn caused me to shave an entire minute off that run.

So the moral of the story for running is definitely give it a shot.  Find an mp3 player with earbuds that will stay in your ear as you run and that are comfortable.  Pick an medium to uptempo song that you feel and emotional attachment with the lyrics or musical composition (the chords in the song, I tend to like minor OR major chords, it just depends…whatever gives you goose bumps when you’re listening to it).  Start running, and stay with the beat of the song.  Do your best to not fall off the beat for the entire run, and see what happens…You will probably be amazed at how fast you ran.  And, the best part is that you get in this great shape without feeling like you’re trying.  You’re running faster because of the connection with the song and the beat.

My other example is how the right music intensifies weightlifting.  I won’t go into it too deeply here, but if you weight train while listening to music with which you feel that emotional attachment to the lyrics, chords, beat or two or three of these components of the song, you will find that you are more powerful.  Some music just taps into our emotions whether in the gym or not and makes us want to lift.  It helps us tap into our natural adrenaline.  That’s why so many professional athletes use music when they train.  It makes pain less painful, and thus helps us to push harder which gets us better results.  They key to results is intensity and intelligence.  Get this and more in my Model-Fit Sixpack Blueprint© and Model-Fit DVD© where I expand upon this and my other blog topics and teach you safe and proven total body workouts as well as teach you how easy and cost-effective it is to make clean, nutritious fuel selections that power your workouts, build muscle and burn fat, naturally.

Music IS the Magic folks…it can be your secret weapon to achieving your fitness goals, if you let it.

How to train through injury

It’s inevitable, right?  At some point we all get injured.  I was watching some college football highlights last night, and this college standout receiver tore his ACL doing a spin move to break away from a defender.  A season and sometimes career ending injury.  He’s only 20.  I partially tore mine at 20 as well as my meniscus and completely blew out my right ACL playing basketball at 31.  Not to mention what started for me as one lumbar disc herniation at the age of 17 has advanced to four at the age of 33.  Not cool.  And, it’s not my fault.  Genetics plays a big roll in many of our injuries/illnesses as we age.

So how do we fight this?



We cannot help aging.  But, we CAN fight it!

As we age or accrue injuries over time, THE KEY IS TO TAKE WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU STILL CAN DO 100%, AND DO THESE THINGS!

Just because one door closes, it’s up to you to open a window.

There is ONE LAW that governs efficient, result yielding fitness which is GO HARD OR GO HOME!

The only way you see results is by going 100% during your workout and eating smart both of which I teach in my program Model-Fit Hawaii.

If your regular workouts or sports are starting to injure you then you need to find alternative total body activities that you are still able to do 100% and do them 2-4 times/week.  That’s it.  It is that simple.  Let me give you an example from my life.

Basketball was my life as a kid.  As an adult, I got back into the game in my mid 20’s and loved it even more because it was such a fun way to stay fit.  I would sprint up and down the court like a wild animal on fast breaks or to get back on “D”.  I loved the defensive shuffle slide and I loved jumping.  Basketball is such a great game to keep you in shape.  You play hard, and move your body in ways that it wouldn’t move normally, you sprint, you jump, you play defense by squatting and sliding laterally and the adrenaline rush of competition makes you push yourself even harder without you really even knowing it.  I mean it has everything in it to keep you fit IF you choose to play hard AND IF YOU CAN PLAY HARD.

But, basketball, like any other exercise, will only yield results IF you can go 100%, that is IF you are able to jump as high as you can and sprint and shuffle as fast as you can ALL WITHOUT INJURY.  Walking and jogging up the court, semi-jumping and half-shuffling WILL NOT keep you fit.  If you can’t go 100% anymore in your sport due to debilitating injuries (usually back, shoulder, ankle, foot or knee), then to stay fit, it’s time to find alternative total-body exercises in which YOU CAN go 100%.

When I blew out my knee playing basketball about 2.5 years ago, the moment it happened, I knew that my playing days were over.  But, my fitness life will never be over until I leave this planet.  In fact, I probably may die working out, and that’s the way I’d wanna go anyway.  A fighter until the end.

I was a decent swimmer as a child, but at some point in my teens, I became afraid to freestyle w/ my head underwater.  It was only because of my back and subsequent knee issues that I had to force myself to swim since I was 17.  I was awful at first, but over time, I took an interest in swimming because when my back gets severe, swimming helps more than anything to naturally heal my back.  But, now I love it, and I look forward to pushing myself everytime I hit the water in the same way I would when I played a full court basketball game.  Likewise, in my weightlifting regimen, if I find that an exercise is causing disc herniation exacerbations and back spasms in my lower back, I adjust the exercise, do an alternative exercise or remove the exercise entirely from my routine.

It’s that simple.  When you’re back to 100% health, then see if you can do the exercise that previously injured you.  If you feel in your body that something is not right, STOP doing that exercise and find an alternative exercise or total body workout into which you can immerse your entire being.  Life is all about adjustment and adaptation.  It’s a basic biological rule of thumb:  Adapt or die.  Think about extinct species that didn’t survive because they weren’t able to adapt.  It’s the same with fitness.  Adapt your workout to your situation, but the one thing that is fixed is that whatever you choose to do, you need to diet appropriately and go 100% during the workout 2-4 times/week.  The Model-Fit Sixpack Blueprint© and Model-Fit DVD© contain all the information you need to internalize this knowledge and put it to work for yourself so you can see the lean/strong results you want in a balanced way that you can sustain.  It is my life’s work, and it can help you if you let it.  Aloha.

Why you NEED Model-Fit

Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Making the Band, O-Town, LMNT, Green Light Go, Hawaii, Honolulu, Wellness, Fitness, Diet, Exercise, Model-Fit, Sixpack, Abs

Model-Fit Introduction Video

There are certain truths in diet and fitness which seem paradoxical and counter intuitive like the inverse relationship between workout time and results/motivation (ie, the MORE time you spend in the gym, the less motivated you are which decreases your results).  The other common paradox are the regular, everyday people that seem to eat a lot and spend little time in the gym or working out in general and somehow always seem to be sculpted and lean.

They have realized the connection that Quality will always beat out Quantity when it comes to fitness, and they work smarter AND super hard for the short times that they do work out.  It is called punctuated intensity.  And, the clean fuel you eat goes to rebuilding your muscles and burning fat.  The connection between a clean diet and punctuated intensity is critical to understand  to get and stay lean.  Diet and fitness go hand in hand in a feedback mechanism.  Ladies and gentlemen, these are the two keys 1) Quality is more important than Quantity and 2) Focused, Motivated and Safe, Total Body weighted workouts with 48-72 recovery time where the clean fuel you consume goes to burning fat by rebuilding muscle.  It’s called working Smart AND Hard during the short, focused, fun and motivated workouts.  Getting more done in less time by working intelligently.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET LEAN AND SCULPTED.  Stop being one of those people who works out aimlessly for long periods of time, makes poor or extreme diet selections and is upset when they don’t see any results.  Why waste your time?  If you’re gonna workout and eat you may as well learn how to get results that are awesome while having fun doing it and enjoying the food you eat.

Staying lean and sculpted as we age requires not only that we “just workout”, but if you want to take it to the next level and actually get lean, sculpted and strong then you have to know two things: 1) HOW to focus your workouts and 2) WHAT to eat to build muscle and burn fat.  The two go hand in hand if you want maximum results.  Listen.  I have designed 3 weighted workouts THAT WORK to get you lean and sculpted in the least amount of time realistically possible when combined with the Model-Fit Diet (which is only a “diet” in the sense that you eat food, not cut calories; in fact, you eat…A LOT, you just make clean, cost-effective, muscle building, fat-burning fuel selections that taste great).  You will find these workouts as well learn how to make clean, cost-effective diet selections with the diet and fitness education in the Model-Fit Sixpack Blueprint© and Model-Fit DVD© .  You’re going to workout and eat anyway.  Why not learn to efficiently use the time and food to get lean and sculpted rather than wasting it with crap food and boring workouts.  Let me show you how much fun and how easy it can be to get Model-Fit.

Who’s Ikaika Kahoano?

Model-Fit Introduction Video

I am Ikaika Kahoano, and because of the wonders of youtube (or just sharp pop culture memory), people remember me for leaving O-Town in ABC’s reality show, Making the Band (even though it was over a decade ago).  Right before that show, I cut a record with my two brothers under the name ANO, the album titled “Fruit from the Tree” (1999).   Then about 4 months after I left O-Town, I joined up with two of the final 8 from the show, and we formed a vocal group called LMNT and cut an album, “All Sides” (Atlantic Records 2001) which is still one of my favorite albums.  We did some touring before ultimately disbanding a year after 9/11 when Atlantic cut 60% of its groups from their label, LMNT being one of the casualties.  I returned home to complete my 21 remaining college credits and graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii with a BA in Biology (pre-med) in 2003.  In 2004, I signed with Premier Models and Talent in Honolulu, HI and still do some modeling today.  In 2005, I recorded some tracks on the self-titled album “Green Light Go” with my younger brother.  From 2004-2006, I taught middle school and high school here in Hawaii then spent 5 years as a Commissioned Officer in the US Army before receiving my Honorable Discharge in 2011.

The thing is, for several years many people have asked me what I eat, how I workout and to train them to get lean and sculpted.  So I decided to do two things about it:  1)  write down all of my hard earned, science and life experience based diet and fitness knowledge in the Model-Fit Sixpack Blueprint© and Model-Fit DVD© and 2) train people to get lean and sculpted using the proven, educated, natural and balanced diet and fitness techniques I live and teach in Model-Fit.

The Essence of Model-Fit

Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Ikaika Kahoano, Making the Band, O-Town, LMNT, Green Light Go, Hawaii, Honolulu, Wellness, Fitness, Diet, Exercise, Model-Fit, Sixpack, Abs

So the title of this blog is “The Essence of Model-Fit” which I thought a fitting title after reading this MSN article:

I came across this article in early August, and I’m happy to get a chance to blog about it.  It is about staying fit anywhere, anytime without the use of conventional weights.  In fact, as I was reading it, I thought to myself, “You know what, this article is the essence of Model-Fit.  It is about staying fit anywhere and adapting your workouts to your present situation.”  For instance, the Model-Fit Anywhere workout, one of my three weighted workouts in the Model-Fit Blueprint, uses only FOUR bodyweight, total body exercises which can be done anywhere without the use of a gym.  It can be done on the road in your room if you are traveling for work or vacation or at home or the park if you don’t have a gym membership.

So as I was reading this article, it made me think of a fine video example of “the essence of Model-Fit” since Model-Fit is a fitness lifestyle that I have pioneered throughout my life, the essence of which, like I said, is staying fit in a balanced way anytime, anywhere.  This video, made in June of ’05, is just one example of how I live what I preach.  The video is me working out doing what I called “girlfriend squats” and “backpack pushups” on a backpacking trip throughout Western Europe during the summer of 2005 which I did twice a week during the monthlong trip.  THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF MODEL-FIT.  You don’t necessarily have to throw someone over your back and squat them, but if you’re on the road, and have a willing partner, and want the extra weight then why not?  But, the point is, you don’t need a gym, you can do creative things squatting other humans if they’re willing, backpack pushups or regular pushups and squats with just your bodyweight.  The Model-Fit Anywhere workout was designed to address the fact that sometimes, we only have our bodyweight to lift so we have to make the most of it.  I wish I had video footage of me doing pushups, bicycle crunches and playing footbag in 2000-2002 when I was on the road with my vocal group LMNT, or footage from some of my field training as an Officer in the military, how I’d do extra pushups, bicycle crunches and high knees after morning physical training was over and everyone left to change for breakfast.  It is just so simple once you get the hang of it.  You go on autopilot.  But, I’m glad that I have at least this video from my backpacking trip across western Europe.  I did this workout in a hallway in our hostel in England.  I did pushups, squats and bicycle crunches twice a week while on this month long trip.  When I got back home to the gym, I hadn’t lost any strength because I had done these exercises and ate clean fuel on the road.   We were staying at a hostel in London when we filmed this video in the stairwell of our hostel.

If you notice in the video, one of the girls walking up the stairs asks the common question for those who don’t “get it” about diet and fitness.  This question being, “Do you do this everyday?”  This is the uneducated, extremist diet and fitness mindset that I am trying to abolish completely from the face of the earth.  The answer to that question is a resounding NO!  If you notice my response to her back in June of 2005 was, “No, only twice a week.”  She also went on to ask, “Do you run?”  My answer to that was “No, I play basketball.”  Why?  Because full court basketball is a fantastic explosive workout that will lean you out like crazy if you go all out sprinting up and down the court, jumping hard for rebounds and playing good defense.  However, basketball causes many serious knee (ACL) and foot/ankle injuries (Achilles) especially as people get older, and they can’t play hard anymore.  Model-Fit is perfect for these people because it provides so many different, fun and challenging options to stay lean for life without injury.  I know.  I created it, and I have 4 disc herniations and had ACL reconstructive surgery in 2009 after tearing my ACL jumping up for a rebound in a basketball game.  I took it upon myself to create and utilize workouts that involve total body exercises that work large muscle groups to keep you chiseled without the risk of injury.

It’s funny for me to look back on this, but I remember the exact day I had achieved true diet and fitness enlightenment and balance in 2004 where all of my undergraduate education and diet and fitness life experience came to fruition in an “Aha!” type moment.  You see, before 2004, I was in great shape, but I was extremely unbalanced.  I was extreme.  I had tried extreme diets and workouts, but none were sustainable so to stay fit, I had to continually look for something new.  But, I remember the day in 2004 where it all just came together for me.  Everything that I had learned in undergrad earning my Biology, pre-med degree and everything that I had learned through my life experiences with diet and fitness staying in shape on the road, going through the stress of using extreme diets and workouts to maintain a sixpack, and thinking back to conversations with enlightened diet and fitness friends and acquatainces about little tips and tricks to stay lean, I remember sitting in my room, and thinking, “It all makes sense now…the key to sixpack abs and staying lean and strong is not extreme diet and fitness…it is BALANCED DIET AND FITNESS.”  From that moment on, I have maintained a sixpack using basic, balanced and natural diet and fitness fundamentals that can be practiced everyday to stay chiseled and strong.  It is so easy once you get it.  The Sixpack Blueprint and Model-Fit DVD explain how easy it is to maintain this diet and fitness balance.  It’s easy because it is as natural and sustainable as breathing.  It is REAL ladies and gentlemen.  With Model-Fit you eat when you are hungry, you eat REAL FOOD and you eat until you are full. Extreme, calorie cutting, bogus shake diets, Paleo Diet or any calorie cutting diet is NOT REAL or SUSTAINABLE.   The Contour “ab sculpting system”, “coolsculpting”, my personal favorite bogus gimmick the Shakeweight, or any other bogus gizmo, or P90x, CrossFit or Insanity which promote overtraining and use harmful non-ubiquitous injury causing exercises, and the list goes on and on with the countless, unbalanced, unintelligent and uneducated products on the market that are designed to prey on people who think they can get fit with some quick fix type product.  WELL, KEEP TRYING AND WHEN YOU HURT YOURSELF OR BURN OUT DUE TO OVERTRAINING, AND YOU’RE READY TO EMPOWER YOURSELF WITH REAL, BALANCED, SUSTAINABLE FITNESS, COME BACK TO MY WEBSITE AND PURCHASE THE SIXPACK BLUEPRINT AND MODEL-FIT DVD.  BUT, ONLY WHEN YOU ARE READY TO EMPOWER YOURSELF ONCE AND FOR ALL WITH REAL DIET AND FITNESS KNOWLEDGE AND STOP FOOLING AROUND WITH BOGUS GIMMICKS AND CALORIE CUTTING CRASH DIETS.


The reason I created Model-Fit was because I got tired of answering the questions:  1) How do you workout? and 2)  What do you eat?  Over the past several years, from 2000-the present, I have been asked this question hundreds of times so I decided to make this information available for purchase so I don’t have to waste my time talking, and those who really want to know how I stay lean for life will purchase the product and be very happy that they did.  It is extremely comprehensive and applicable.

I can’t even count the number of times I have been asked the question “Do you do this everyday?” like the girl asks in the video.  In fact, last Thursday, I went for a 2000 meter swim at Ala Moana Beach, and some people in the water asked me that very question right before I began my swim, “Do you swim 2000 meters everyday?”  I said, “No, maybe once a week.  I just lead a balanced diet and fitness lifestyle.  You can’t do the same thing everyday.  Your body will build a tolerance to the workout and you will cease to see results.”  I informed them about Model-Fit then embarked on my 2000 meter journey like Aquaman.

I was put here to help others stumble upon the “AHA!” moment.  It’s not Rocket science folks.  It’s balance that is so easy once you internalize the knowledge and practice the Model-Fit lifestyle.  I can help you find your fitness balance so you NEVER have to ask the question “Do you do this everyday,” and when you get your chiseled, healthy and lean physique, you can quietly smile on the inside and picture me saying, “I told you so,” when people start to ask YOU that question.  Stay Model-Fit!

“We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”

Model-Fit Introduction Video

“We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”  – Han, “Enter the Dragon” starring Bruce Lee.

I was doing the Model-Fit Ultimate Workout after training a client this morning when this quote crossed my mind.  “We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”  I’ve only seen “Enter the Dragon” twice, and I couldn’t tell you any other quote from the movie (besides of course “WASAHHHH!”, but that could be any Bruce Lee movie), but this quote always stuck with me, and it stuck with me for a reason.  IT IS TRUE.  And, not only that, it is motivational.  Hearing it or saying it just makes me want to sculpt my body and help others sculpt theirs.

I was doing research for a topic I will be soon blogging (the benefits of drinking low-fat vs skim milk) when I came across the website of a female personal trainer, Louise, who trains women to find their curves (  Just like I say any man or woman can find their abs, she says that any woman can find her curves (ie a booty to die for), and this is of course true.  But, browsing her website there was a theme to many of her answers to comments and that was “every one responds different to diet and exercise, but you can find YOUR best body (or in her case booty) depending on your dedication level to the diet and exercise.”

In other words, she is basically referring to what Han says in “Enter the Dragon”; “We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”  If you want that body and health, then you have to make it happen for yourself.  It IS easy to find your abs theoretically, sure it’s right there on paper, what to eat and what exercises to do, and Model-Fit makes it even easier with the balanced approach and exercises that do not injure.  But, the fire of your will is what will determine your results.  Low fire = low results.  Blazing fire = Blazing results.  When you are training, TRAIN HARD, when you are resting, REST and when you are eating, EAT CLEAN.  I have never met anyone who trains hard, rests and diets appropriately who doesn’t have great results.   You can have YOUR best natural body, and you will know it when you’re there.  It may look different from my body or someone else’s body, but it will be YOUR best fit body based on your genetics and the fire of your will to sculpt your body.  There are no quick fixes.  You need the “fire of your will” ie self-motivation to see results.  Model-Fit is the roadmap, but it is UP TO YOU to drive your car to the finish line.  “We forge our body in the fire of our will.”  Just saying that makes me want to throw some weight around!  Let Model-Fit set it up, and YOU knock it down.

And, speaking of motivation and being excited to workout, that’s how you should feel when it’s workout time, even if you’re tired, had a bad day whatever.  It all gets better when it’s go time because no matter what happens in your life, your workout is the one thing for which you can always find time and therefore the one thing you can always control (well, that and what you eat…so two things).  It’s like playtime for adults; the equivalent to recess and sandbox time as a child.  Remember how happy you were when the recess bell rang?  Odds are you were pumped because you could get out of the classroom and run around and play and move your body instead of sitting down in class.  You just wanted to get out of there and MOVE!  Just because we become adults, doesn’t mean playtime has to end!   Workout time is playtime!   YOUR TIME.  That’s why you loved recess so much…because it was YOUR TIME TO PLAY AND HAVE FUN AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.  This is how I feel when I workout, and that is how you should feel as well.  It’s YOUR TIME for results, and YOUR TIME to workout and sculpt YOUR body and listen to whatever music YOU want to MOTIVATE YOU or just let the thoughts in YOUR head MOTIVATE YOU.  YOUR TIME for peace.  YOUR  TIME to get out your aggression.  YOUR TIME to find balance, harmony and to rezero.

Don’t let the little warrior inside die.  If he/she’s asleep, wake him/her up and promise that you’ll never let him/her die.  And, if you fall off the boat from time to time, it’s ok.  Just get back on and forge your body in the fire of your will!  I’m so serious, once you start seeing and feeling results from the Model-Fit diet and workout, it becomes like a drug.  You become addicted to the endorphins not only from the workout, but from how you feel when you look in the mirror and see natural results that you are earning in a balanced and intelligent way with your intensity, dedication, will and smart, motivated, efficient work.  You can do it!  And, once you start, you will become addicted to the results that you won’t want to stop because you like what you see so much that you just want to keep it or improve.  When you are there you will know it.

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